It is not easy to start a business. Many small businesses fail in two to five years and others fall into bankruptcy.  So before you ditch your day job, take on huge business loans, and hire people to help you out, make sure that you are ready to take the plunge.

The first stage is your biggest opportunity to position your business for success. So, make sure that you have the right foundation before you launch it. Remember that preparation is the antidote for failure. With the right preparation and financial funding you can easily get on the right track.

Here are signs that you are ready to start a business:

  1. You have pre-defined goals.

With a well-planned goal, you know exactly how to achieve it. Setting these parameters would- as Research said- inspire and motivate you to just go through the process just so you could see your desired result.

Effort should be exerted, of course. Everything will be worth it in the end.

  1. You have a great business idea.

To achieve your goals, a business idea must exist. No infrastructure would be built without the structure. This serves as your basis. A clear business plan would be your basis for building a successful enterprise zoomed on achieving your goals.

  1. You have chosen a name for your business

Of course your business name should be connected to your business idea. It represents the whole concept of your business. You could even have this before you’ve come up with the exact concept of the business, and if the name is better than how you imagined it to be, you may find that it helps you fully define your business idea. The name shouldn’t be permanent, as long as you use it while you plan and don’t hesitate to change it later.

  1. You have a power team

No man is an island. But it’s up to you if you’d bring some of your friends in so that you could have a proper team. Two heads are better than one. Ideas from different people can mash and make one great idea that would and could possibly be better than one bland and plain one. Besides, seeking for help, or having someone else by your side to make sure you don’t mess up isn’t wrong.

  1. You have reliable business partners

Choose wisely. Choosing a business partner is like voting during the elections. When you pick the wrong one, bad things are bound to happen. Start it with a reliable person.  Even if someone is your closest friend, it doesn’t mean that you’d get along well in a business operation.

Here are tips on how to prepare for your business launching:

  1. Create a solid business plan.

A business plan defines what you need to launch your business, may it be large or small. It summarizes the whole concept of your business in one document-which makes it a whole lot simpler. It also creates a map for interested parties to use when determining whether or not your business is feasible.

  1. Make a business description that clearly shows your target market, pricing, competitors, and the like.

Your business should be described more specifically, and how it fits into your target market in general. Describe your product, its big features, and the value that will be provided. If you are a corporation, sole proprietorship, or LLC- it should be included in your description and why you decided to go that path.

  1. Describe your operational plan.

You could elaborate how you will produce or deliver your service and all costs. How will the product be created? Be specific. Is it a product or a service you are offering? Be direct and straight to the point. These days, no one has time for twists and turns.

  1. Make a concrete marketing plan.

A marketing plan is entirely different from your operational plan. It describes how you will sell your product. When you create your marketing plan, try to answer the question of how you will make your product known to potential customers.

  1. Come up with a competitive price.

Know your competitors. Know whether they are selling a similar product or not. Can you add something to it that makes your offerings quite different, in addition to, a more alluring price?

  1. Define your financials. How much would it cost to start a business? How much will I profit?

The financial statements interpret your plans into numbers: profits and cash flow. They recognise how much money you will need and how much you might make. Since this is the most important part of your plan, you should renew this monthly for the first year, quarterly for the second year, and then annually after that.

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