If you are running a business, it is imperative to know what commercial loans are. However, even with all the information you may find on the Internet about different financial services, you must know what type of loans your business may require in the future. Not every service will have a positive impact on your business.

In this article, we will discuss renewable commercial loans. We will answer questions like: what these loans are, how to use them and the pros/cons of using them.

What Are Commercial Loans?

Commercial loans are used by businesses to fund their expenditures or cover costs that the company couldn’t afford at the moment. These loans are an excellent way to invest in a company.

They are short-term and can be extended depending on the businesses’ needs: funding for payroll, investing in the manufacturing process, etc.

To be eligible for a commercial loan, you need to bring proof that your business has a consistent and favourable cash flow. For that, you will need to provide the lender with documents like balance sheets, the income and monthly spending and other information that reflects the company’s financial situation.

The process can take a while, but if your business isn’t near bankruptcy, then you have a high chance of getting those commercial loans. Some lenders will require monthly financial statements from your company so that they can observe your business’s status.


Introducing Renewable Commercial Loans

Now that we know what commercial loans are, we can explain the renewable type. Renewable commercial loans are offered by some financial institutions to companies. These types of loans are like any other loan, but after its term ends, it can be renewed or you can have the loan period extended.

For example, a business that needs to control large seasonal orders may not get enough funds from short-term commercial loans. This is where the renewable loans come in.

How Can a Business Use a Renewable Commercial Loan?

A renewable commercial loan is like a standard business loan except for the fact that it can be extended, in other words, renewed. Apart from that, it has the same functions and qualities like any other business loan. Let’s take a look at how someone can use this loan:

  1. Limited offer

If your company sells products, you, the owner, will always look for the most profitable ways to buy your goods and sell them at a price that allows you to earn a profit. This is no easy task and to make money from your business, you must invest money first.

For example, if you find out that one of your products (that is popular among your clients) is being sold at half the price, your instinct tells you to buy them now when they are cheaper. But how do you do that? How can you keep investing in this product continuously throughout this period?

The answer is by applying to a renewable commercial loan. You will get your loan, and you can extend the loan period. In the end, you will make your profit and pay for the loan and the extension.


  1. Upgrades

No matter how small or big your business is, it will always need some financial boost. A company will evolve in time and upgrading it means money. But what necessary updates can a company need? Here are a couple of ideas to think about:

  • New equipment: like it or not, a day will come when your business will need to change its equipment. If your company works with computers and telephones, you might need to upgrade them, especially if they impair the performance of your workers. If a company uses industrial equipment to manufacture its products, you may need to improve Old industrial equipment may not perform as fast and precise as the new one, that’s if you want to be competitive in your line of business. Also, it may be dangerous to your employees when they use it.
  • Employees: If you are extending the number of workers, you will need to pay more for their salaries. It may take a while until the new employees reach the performance that your business needs, but you still have to pay them. This is when renewable commercial loans come in handy.

In the end, you can invest in different departments of your business as long as the investment is worth it in the long run and you can pay back the loan.


Renewable commercial loans might be the type of business loans you are looking for. You can find out more about them by contacting us on 1300 886 996. Our team of experts can help you with every detail you need regarding this topic and much more.

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