There are two types of childcare: formal and informal childcare. Both have the same goal which is to take care of children whose parents are both working on regular hours. Raising a family is challenging especially when new born babies arrive. These modern times, mums do not just sit at home and take care of her husband and kids. When parents decide to raise more kids, the expenses grow too. This is the main reason why parents are forced to work and leave their kids at home with their relatives or nanny. While those who are far from their relatives put their child in formal childcare.

Raising kids is a combination of fun and challenging tasks. Some parents prefer to be practical and prefer to continue working outside their homes to be able to provide for their family. When you have kids, you have to prepare for their needs, health and education for their future. Bills start to increase and one salary may not be sufficient to cover all these expenses. Let’s face it, times are tough and parents realize that it is much better if both of them are able to provide. A growing family has many needs and because of that more and more families consider informal or formal childcare.

Childcare – Formal and Informal

What is the difference between an informal and formal childcare?

Formal Childcare – It involves registered childcare which include before or after school care, clubs, playgroups or nurseries.

Informal Childcare – These are non-registered child minders like relatives, grandparents, parents’ friends and baby-sitters.

These two childcare systems have one goal which is to take care of your precious child while you are away and working. They make life a whole lot easier for parents who cannot attend to their kids because of their work.

Are there pros and cons between these two?

Those who live with their parents are lucky because they have someone to take care of their kids. The love, care and attention given by relatives especially grandparents are extremely different from formal childcare providers. While those who are far away from their relatives are left with no choice but to leave their kids in formal childcare providers. Others do it for security reasons because they are registered.

Factors that affect childcare:

  1. Budget – Parents must consider their budget. How much would they pay for formal childcare? Unlike informal childcare that has certain arrangement depending on your relatives.
  2. Demographic factor – Do you live in urban or rural areas? Is there any formal childcare available? You need to look around to calculate the distance from home and etc.
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