Should I rely completely on other people’s money, through business loans, to accumulate wealth?

While it is truly difficult to borrow your way to riches because your company may not be able to protect your interests in case of failure, business loans are still considered as great business tools. The problem is not in the way you would finance the business, but in the kind of business that you would like to start.

Your business concept could succeed and you won’t be wasting money in it if it has any of the following characteristics:

  • The new business meets an unfulfilled market need. Do you want to buy something which is not available in your area? Or, are there people telling you that they want a particular service so badly but they can’t find a provider? Having exclusive control of a certain trade or service is still the best way to gain profits. If you’re going to meet a need and you’re the only one who offers to provide it, then the market is yours. People have no other choice but to utilise your business.
  • It has existing customers. Building a business based on current customer relationship is one of the most practical business strategies. For example, you decided to lease the space of an old bakeshop which has been providing cakes and pastries for years. All you need to do is to offer the same products, add something more appealing to the taste buds and you have a great chance to get the bakery’s old customers.
  • You are building a business based on your knowledge and experience. If you’re a good writer, make a business out of writing. You won’t go wrong in there-because it is natural to you. If you are a great event’s organizer, with former clients who are pleased with your work, it will be so easy for you to market your new events business. All you need is to get some recommendations from your satisfied customers and capitalise on it to build new connections.
  • You are introducing a new technology, invention or concept that could be useful to your target market. It doesn’t have to be something that nobody ever heard of before. Sometimes, a little creativity can help you create a fresh alternative for the products or service that people have been patronizing for a long time. Take a coffee shop for example. If your neighborhood is full of bookworms who are coffee lovers, why not create a place for them? Offer the same coffee. Just add a library.

Most banks are skeptical to entrepreneurs with bad credit and they often require collateral and charge high interest rates to compensate for the risk of lending to someone with a poor credit rating. Thus, your assets are at risk. But, getting secured and unsecured business loans can be a very smart move if you know how to start and move your business to the right direction. If you would like to learn more about the right business loans for you, contact us today!

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