Are you finding it hard to get a business loan to start your small business due to bad credit history? Don’t despair there are other ways to get small business loans even with bad credit rating. Lenders are always willing to offer alternative solutions because at the end any loan taken out is still profit for them. The one who should be careful is the business owner because a low credit rating tags you as a risk and allows the credit company to charge higher processing fees and higher interest rates. After all giving you a loan is a risk and they need to get back the capital in the soonest possible time. Assessments will be based on your current ability to pay and not on your previous records that caused you to have a low credit rating. There will always be lenders that are willing to grant bad credit loans, even without any collateral.

Bad credit loans for businesses

How do you get bad credit loans? Simple, show the potential lenders that you have the capacity to pay them back. Create a presentation that will showcase how your business will earn and how much it will earn; in short you have to present data that shows positive cash flow. If the lender sees that your business looks sound and the idea behind the product or service is viable then they will be willing to give you a loan. Another thing that you can do is to make sure you know where your credit rating stands, review your credit report, make sure it’s accurate and take steps in correcting any errors that could be causing a faulty bad credit rating. If the report is accurate then pinpoint the reasons for the low credit rating and create a system that will help you fix the cause of the bad rating. If you see that the most common mark downs are late payments, then make it a point to always pay in time. If it’s about excessive credit card usage then take responsibility and try to reduce credit card usage in favour of cash.

An unconventional but rather effective way of getting bad credit loans for your small business is by forming an alliance with another person that has good credit rating. You may take this person in as a partner or you can put him on a commission. If your business is a good one, regardless of its size, it will attract someone to take a risk on you.

Nonetheless, there are a few lenders out there who provide bad credit loans to businesses, small or large, start-ups or expansions. Lenders like the debt consolidation loan experts, Australian Lending Centre, and its affiliate that specialises in business loans, ALC Commercial. Business Loans offers a variety of business loans across Australia as well, so if you’re in need of a particular type of business loan, contact them for a free consultation today.

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